Friday, May 01, 2009

It's not you, it's me

One of the things I've been discovering about myself, and that having this blog has really helped me to clarify, is that my creativity comes in spurts.  I am fitfully and sporadically creative.  Hence there being weeks when I write every day, and months when I write almost nothing at all.  I could go into lots of analysis of how creativity fits with my mood cycle (I write at the highest and lowest points - odd, huh?) or the effect that work and other commitments have on my ability to write.  But I'll spare you.  My main question is:

I wonder what that means for future ministry?


  1. It means (in my current experience) that some weeks are much harder than others and you have to squeeze the proverbial orange very hard for an adequate amount of juice.

    It means you will be cast upon the Lord in prayer for inspiration and assistance, some times much more intensely than others.

    It means you (not suggesting you don't) have to learn consistency and (in terms of ministry work) produce a fairly consistent output, and perhaps learn to take advantage of very creative times to store some nuts for use in the lean moments.

  2. Yes. Which all may mean that this is a useful thing, because it makes my limits more clear to me, and therefore makes me rely on someone else, who doesn't fluctuate the way I do...