Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pretentious Fragments

The First:  The 'Enlightenment' is nothing more than the infection of epistemology with Pelagianism.

The Second:  Representatives make bad leaders; democracies make bad governments.

The Third:  Evangelism begins with common ground, but ends by redefining that ground as Christ's, and not common at all.  Compare Paul in Psidian Antioch and Athens.

The Fourth:  Hypocrisy is a highly desirable quality under the sun; who wants to meet people who show what they are really like?

The Fifth:  All words are sacred, and the act of speaking is worship.

The Sixth:  Writing is to speaking as a statue is to a living person.  Then what is the relationship between Christ the Living Word and the spoken word of the gospel?

The Seventh:  It is easy to write things that provoke questions, but much harder to provide answers.

Here endeth (this particular form of) pretentiousness...

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