Friday, January 30, 2009

Church and state, USA style

Two posts in a day - not done that in a while. (Not done two posts in a week in a while either). But I felt your attention should be drawn to the home of the Pyromaniacs, tackling the Church/State issue in a way that I find agreeable. Enjoy.


  1. Turk took Moreland completely out of context and has since admitted his error, thankfully.

  2. Hey, DB.

    I've got a sermon coming up entitled "what would Jesus say to politics" (I know, small topic, huh. Follows on from the delightfully simple "what would Jesus say to Culture". Just wait til I get my hands on writing the Preaching Programme).

    Any suggestions of books you've read/resources that might help me?


  3. SK: fair enough, I don't know much about JPM but just thought the overall thrust of the piece was good...

    Phil: not much to recommend, although "Disciples and Citizens" by Graham Cray is good on Christian involvement with public life/politics generally. Does the sermon go online anywhere? I'd love to hear it when it's been preached...