Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

I read a lot of books. It's one of the things I really enjoy doing. And the way I think about the world is changed by those books. I don't agree with everything I read, of course, but I do try to hold my mind open to the challenge that each new idea and new perspective brings. Otherwise, what would be the point of reading? Anyway, the point is that my opinions and thoughts change, fairly regularly. I like to think it's development.

On the other hand, I get asked a lot of questions. Partly this is because I work with Christian students, who have enquiring minds. This also puts me into contact with students who wouldn't call themselves Christians, who also have enquiring minds. So I get friendly questions, and not-so-friendly questions, and I try to answer them.

But it occurs to me that I haven't really "updated" my answers to some of the questions I am asked most often for a while. So I haven't been joining up my own thinking and reading with the answers I've been giving to other people. So I thought I'd take a little time to get straight what I think on a few common questions and issues, and I thought it would be fun to do it here. So that's what any readers can expect over the next couple of weeks.

Just so it doesn't catch you by surprise.

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