Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Preaching God's commands

A checklist for preachers, based on part of Psalm 19.

In preaching the commands and requirements of God, am I:

  • presenting the commands without apology or embarrassment, as the expression of absolute perfection in moral conduct and good living?
  • wearying my hearers with a burdensome command, or refreshing them with a commandment which is good news?
  • delivering the commands in a way which shows their logic, so that they shape the hearers into people who can make wise decisions in other ethical areas?
  • showing how right living is a cause for rejoicing?
  • opening people's eyes through the commands to see the big reality that lies behind them, rather than presenting isolated and abstract demands?
  • provoking a hunger for God's good commands and a savour for obedience?
  • warning the listeners of the consequences of disobedience, and holding out the prospect of eternal reward for obedience?

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