Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lent 1

The problem with spiritual disciplines is that the rest of life does not stop to give you time and space for them.  There are still people to see, tasks to perform, ordinary life to live.  And there are still annoyances and irritants and distractions galore.


So, what to do with all the stuff that just keeps getting in the way?  Say I wanted to spend the day meditating on my sinfulness - how am I to do that when my kids are noisy and excited and I have jobs at church, and tomorrow's working day is already starting to invade my mind?

Have you thought about meditating on that last paragraph?  Seems like there's plenty of sinfulness there to be going on with - selfishness, for starters, and an unwillingness to serve.

Oh, come on, you know I didn't mean that.  I wanted to spend the day thinking about My Need For A Saviour, and maybe The State Of Fallen Man.  That sort of sinfulness.  Not just the petty everyday stuff.

So you wanted to meditate vaguely on big ideas rather than think through your actual sins?


Seems like you might be wasting your Lent.

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