Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Jesus and the Bible

"So much as we know of Christ, his sufferings, and his glory, so much do we understand of the Scripture, and no more."

Thus John Owen, in his meditations on the glory of Christ (Works I, p 343).

What would this mean for our reading of the Bible, if we took it seriously?  What about our preaching?  Our systematic theology?


  1. To clarify, does he mean know his sufferings in a Phil 3:10 sense?

  2. Dave, I'm not sure he does at this point, although without a doubt he would affirm that sentiment. At this juncture, Owen is making the pretty basic point that the Bible is about Jesus - basic, but how often do we miss it?

  3. Anonymous10:23 am

    I was reading a friend's introduction to study of the old testament recently. It was very helpful in that it summarised all sorts of schools of theology and their approaches, at least from the last 2-300 years. Didn't seem to start with Jesus though.
    In terms of OT specifically thought could ask a few questions on that. What scriptures did Jesus quote? How did he regard them? How did he unpack them? And then from the other side- how does this relate to JEsus himself? How to his ethical teaching? Just a thought.

  4. I thought he probably just meant that, the turn of phrase just sparked the thought.

    To give a less obvious answer to your questions in turn:

    1. A posture of receiving with empty hands and listening attentively.

    2. pointing through (not 'at') our exegesis to the Saviour and the work he accomplished

    3. Shot through with sorrow and joy