Friday, January 08, 2010

The limits of reflection

This is my belated 'it's a new year, hurrah' post...

Despite the new year being a fairly arbitrary point on the calendar, it's a useful time for a bit of reflection. For people, like me, who generally don't like reflection, it's especially important not to pass up these opportunities. I need to keep an eye on myself - how are things going? Perhaps more importantly, in what direction are things going?

But a thought that occurred to me during this process a week or so ago was this: although reflection on the direction of life, and self-analysis, is very useful stuff, it has a pretty stern limit to its usefulness. In the final analysis - an analysis which will not be performed by me! - my life in 2009 can be divided into two categories: things I did which were bad enough to merit hell, and things I did which were not good enough to merit heaven.

So I guess I'm pretty thankful for what Jesus has done!

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