Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not all change is good change...

So, apparently the Colonies elected a new Supreme Leader for themselves. Jolly good.

I've been more than a little surprised to see the level of rejoicing over this that I've seen amongst my friends on the Book of Faces. Given that many of my friends are Christians, I'm genuinely baffled by their delight. I wonder whether they are unaware of what goes on in the world? Perhaps they think that making abortion easier is a good thing?

Surely if the man were right about everything else (and I rather think he isn't) then the single issue of abortion should at least temper the joy amongst Christians? Are people not thinking?

Is my frustration showing through here?


  1. I absolutely agree with you here, Mr Blanche.

  2. Yes yes yes!

    Also, why the rejoicing and glee over American politics and continuing apathy/ignorance/cynicism over our own?


  3. Anonymous4:32 pm

    When I have spoken to people about this, I have received rather patronising responses about not being reductionist and simplistic. However, I think the single issue of abortion is very important. Your attitude to those who are created in the image of God, who are the most vulnerable, and who don't have a voice, says a lot. And I fail to see how evangelical Christians could possibly vote for someone who wants to make it easier to kill unborn children, indeed, the most pro-death presidential candidate there has been.

    Far too many people equate Biblical morality with socialism.

  4. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I stayed up and watched the coverage (including the speeches) and felt a conflicting set of reactions much like this one here...
    I cannot be unmoved that they have chosen Obama, even if some of the 'new day, new world' language is hyperbole and even if I agree on some points. Yet, I could not support some of his policies in good conscience.
    In talking to people today I find few people who seem to share these views.

  5. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Those who fought for civil rights for African Americans were doing so out of a moral impetus to see African Americans treated humanely—as human beings rather than like chattel or as 3/5ths-human. I think the best way to honor their work and lives when the office of Commander in Chief is within reach would be to continue that moral quest. That quest is continued by finding a candidate who seeks to see African Americans, even those in the womb, treated humanely—as people rather than as cattle for our labor and experimentation or as a 3/5th-human foetus.
    Eric Redmond

  6. Anonymous5:31 pm

    "Far too many people equate Biblical morality with socialism."

    Yes. True. And terrible. For socialism - as well as abortion - I think must truly offend the Lord. It is a perfect example of trying to work salvation by law and ordinance! (Abortion probably owes more to pagan child sacrifice).

    On Obama: this joy will turn to sorrow soon enough. A man who has won on the emptiness of "Vote for Change" and "Yes We Can", who is thus borne aloft by the blind hopes of so many millions of people, cannot but disappoint - and disappoint profoundly - in time. You wait. They'll all be baying for blood soon enough; though amusingly his race, which he and his supporters have used quite well now and then to suppress opposition arguments, will definitely help embarrass many of his former supporters into respectful silence, rather than Bush-levels of hysteria.

    He stinks. The pro-life movement (certainly the courts element) may well be holed by his majority for a good long while, maybe forever. Truly the devil masquerades as an angel of light.

  7. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I am a Christian and believe that abortion is NOT God's plan, but I disagree with such a dismissive view of it. Why are we allowed to keep people ticking on with a life support machine, or have the choice to continue or discontinue treatment for a disease, but are so quick to close the door on abortion? I do not think that abortion is right, but cannot rule it out in cases of rape or incest etc. I find it frustrating the way that so many Christians jump up on a soapbox about it without even perhaps knowing a woman who has had an abortion. As Christians we should have a real concern about the implications of abortion, but this concern must be coupled with a real love for those in that situation and a desire to care for them as Jesus would want us to, rather than so quickly condemning it without thoughts for the individuals involved.

  8. Two of my UK friends gave their status to McCain yesterday. I saw quite a lot of comments and wall posts going 'why?' and worse. It seems like for those in the UK supporting McCain was at best a rather strange thing, at worst a dangerous thing.

    I don't think the extreme pro-death views of Obama are the worst thing about him - I think his weaselling on the abortion question to avoid sharing his views was worse - it seems like he knows that they are views that the majority of people don't share and he is trying to hide them. McCain seems to have integrity, and Palin, more through gaffs than anything, you knew what she thought.

    I thought McCain was very gracious in defeat (and also at times throughout the campaign) whereas Obama was so him-centred and hype generating in victory. It was almost all how he was the one they had been waiting for. It seems that Obama is starting to believe the media's hype that he's the Messiah.

    I cannot be happier that America has a non-white president, however I also cannot think of anyone, save possibly Romney, who won a state in the primaries that would be a worse person to be president. It's a shame that the first black President isn't President Palmer from 24!

    When that bubble of spin and hype bursts, and the real Obama is revealed, I think a lot of Americans would be rather disappointed - some of that isn't Obama's fault, however a lot of it is stuff that's come out of his mouth.

    Why we love him in the UK is a mystery - he's like Blair, whom we despise.

  9. So many Anonymous comments... It makes responding very hard. I might have to disable it. In the meantime, a few thoughts...

    Conflicting reactions - yes absolutely. An apparent victory for civil rights in one area (race), but a clear defeat from human rights in another area (life). So, yay and boo. But more boo.

    Biblical morality=socialism. Yes, odd that. I can't fathom it myself. I am in favour of various things that would go down in the good ol' reactionary USA as socialism (socialized health care etc) but I find the knee-jerk 'left good, right bad' reaction to be perverse in the extreme.

    As far as a 'dismissive view' of abortion is concerned, I don't think it is 'dismissive' to say "this is wrong". Nor does saying so preclude loving and seeking to empathise with those who have chosen abortions. But if abortion involves a death (and I am sure it does) then we can't take a hands-off, live and let live (ironic?) approach. We have to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves.

    Good to know that the King of the Universe doesn't face re-election and reigns absolutely unchallenged...

  10. Surely the main reason UK Christians are excited about Obama so simplistically is because our liberal media have by and large mocked McCain and admired Obama? Just as our media were entirely negative about Bush - American friends were often puzzled just how negatively he is seen over here. You have to actively seek alternative news sources to research properly, and our culture doesn't train us to work for our information, but to sit and imbibe whatever's fed to us. So the problem at root is surely an absence of Christian Mind?

  11. Sorry, I should have said, "some UK Christians".

  12. Hey, Dan.

    I suppose I haven't noticed any christians rejoicing over dear old Barak, although general mumbled "oh, okay, he might be good" kind of reactions.

    But I'm just wondering how to reconcile your last two postings, first on church and state, and second on why we shouldn't rejoice over the new American president who may have some different views to us on issues such as how government is to legislate on abortion.

    I'm NOT trying to say "ha ha, there's a contradiction in Blanche's argument" (would I...?) but rather from a position of ignorance asking you how you fit those two together.

    Does that make sense? Maybe your reply should come in private email form! Maybe it's much simpler than I'm making out.

    P.S. Really enjoyed Peter Comont's sermon, and I'm beginning to really love the John Owen of history, as opposed to the Banner John Owen - I love the idea that Owen's love for the glory of Christ meant that he was a fashionable dandy who'd defend the rights of Muslims! anyway...

  13. Phil (Marshall? Is that you?) -

    Thanks for the comment. As soon as I have the time I plan to post something that will hopefully answer your question. It will have the title "Princes and Prophets". In the meantime, you can entertain yourself by guessing what I'm going to say...

  14. I'll keep my true identity secret for the time being, but just to say that we used to eat a lot of burgers together after CICCU BSGL meetings... oh, I've given it away, haven't I?