Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John Owen is my homeboy

And I quote:

Reason alone - especially as it is corrupted and depraved - can discern no glory in the representation of God by Christ; yea, all that is spoken thereof, or declared in the gospel, is foolishness unto it. Hence many live in a profession of the faith of the letter of the gospel, yet - having no light, guide nor conduct, but that of reason - they do not, they cannot, really behold the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ; nor hath the revelation of it any efficacy unto their souls. The manifestation of him in the light of nature, by the works of creation and providence, is suited unto their reason, and doth affect it; for that which is made of Christ, they say of it, as the Israelites did of Manna, that came down from heaven, "What is it?", we know not the meaning of it. For it is made unto faith alone, and all men have not faith.


  1. What does "homeboy" mean?

  2. Beats me, but don't you think Owen sounds a lot like Barth in this quote?

  3. Yes, indeed! Yet more proof that Barth stands in the mainstream of Reformed orthodoxy. Thank you for reproducing it.